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Blue Honey Yoga & Fitness was founded on the principle that the best way to get a better body is to nurture it. Yoga is our foundation, and Blue Honey believes that yoga is key to any successful transformation – mind and body. Through breathing, meditation and stretching and flexing of different muscles in the body, yoga connects the body to the mind and strengthens your inner and outer self.

The Honeycomb Effect works for anyone committed to improving his or her physical, mental and emotional well-being.  At Blue Honey Yoga & Fitness, we help you take care of the body that works so hard to take care of you. The Honeycomb Effect is so successful because each “Honeycomb Code Prescription” is tailored on an individual level that will yield the unique results each person is looking for. Our experts tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and when. The Honeycomb Code helps break down the complexity of choosing a fitness and diet plan and builds one that works.

The Honeycomb Effect combines a variety of fitness practices to gain the most from the time put in to working out each week, while soothing your muscles and taking care of yourself to prevent injury and promote long-lasting health. Get quick results that last a lifetime.

Our trained Blue Honey fitness and health experts consult each client individually to learn their greatest fitness goals and create a personalized schedule and plan to help achieve those goals. We believe that, in order to be successful, each person’s fitness regimen needs to be well-rounded, diversified and goal-oriented.  This is why we offer a wide range of class types in which clients can maximize on opportunities to improve in all desired areas. Our wide range of yoga practices, running groups, barre classes, boot camp programs, pilates classes and fitness fusion sessions will keep your body moving in the direction you want it to in the healthiest and safest ways possible.








Blue Honey Yoga & Fitness is proud to offer a wide variety of styles and levels so that you can find the practice that truly awakens your sense of awe. From Power Vinyasa to Restorative classes, you'll be sure to find a yoga class that fits whatever kind of day you're having. In addition, BHY offers Blue Core Pilates Mat, Blue Surge Bootcamps and a Runners Club so that our members can connect off the mat as well! All classes are designed to challenge your body while encouraging you to be your best in a safe and supportive environment.

Level 1:  BHY&F Level 1 classes have a slower pace, and are appropriate for raw beginners. Basic alignment and safety will be covered. 

New-bees & Basic Flow, Restorative Chill Flow, Breathe, Relate, Meditate


Level 2BHY&F Level 2 classes offer a more moderate pace, with options for challenging postures. Previous yoga experience is strongly recommended.

Honey Flow, Vinyasa Flow


Level 3BHY&F Level 3 classes offer a strong workout, with a faster pace. Strength and endurance required.

Blue Core Pilates Mat, Blue Surge, Blue Honey Runners Club, Sweet Spot Barre


Level 4BHY&F Level 4 classes are designed for the intermediate/ advanced student. A vigorous practice. These classes will challenge you! Power or Vinyasa yoga experience required for yoga classes.

Power Flow, Align & Refine Vinyasa, Blue Surge Tabata

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Our highly skilled instructors provide years of teaching experience and practice to offer all of our honey bees dynamic and challenging classes. If you're looking to break a sweat, challenge yourself mentally or relieve the stress of a hectic work week, all of our classes guarantee to work out your body, mind and spirit, leaving you feeling re-energized and stronger than ever. Each instructor incorporates his or her own unique style into each class to keep things interesting, but all of our instructors have the same Blue Honey goal -- to challenge you while simultaneously taking care of the body that works so hard to take care of you. Check out our diversified class schedule, and register for one of our top notch instructor's classes today. 




At Blue Honey Yoga & Fitness, we believe the practice should be accessible and affordable.  In keeping with our goal to make yoga accessible to all, we are located at the epicenter of bustling downtown Austin. You don’t need to worry about searching for parking though! We offer FREE parking in our attached lot so that you can come in ready to practice. Our 1800-square-foot studio includes African mahogany hardwood floors, spacious bathroom facilities, and a shaded outdoor courtyard garden where you are welcome to relax before or after class.

In addition, BHY boasts an extensive supply of props including blankets, blocks, Pilates balls and more at no additional cost.

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Our class package and monthly membership include access to yoga, Pilates Mat, Running Club, and bootcamps.

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Memberships can be canceled with 30 day written notice to

Suspension policy:  Accounts can be suspended for as long as needed, and will be reactivated at the same price. The account will be charged $10 each month it is suspended, and once the account is active the $10 per month charge will be credited back to the account and put towards the following month after reactivation.




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